Friday, October 15, 2010

Day - Oh, Who Knows???

enough with the day thing, already. i'm back at work, so it doesn't matter much. the new goal is to have the bike ready in time for the Yokohama Hot Rod & Custom show on Dec. 5th.

〜日目のことはもういいですね?仕事へ戻ったから余りそんなに関係ないですね。新しい目的は12月5日の横浜のHot Rod & Custom Showまで仕上がること。

i need to get caught up on some posting. here are a few from the last couple of weeks. i've really got more done, just no photos as of yet.


i got the foundry cement for my foundry poured. the cement is now curing and i should be able to fire it soon!


and here are the rear sections of the girder legs, bent and tack welded. actually they are completely welded in now, but i don't have a photo. all that remains is to weld on the shock mounts, caliper mounts, and lower pivot shaft, and it will be done!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 90

last day before i go back to work. here's what i finished.


sanded on my pipes.


got my oil tank and gas tank ready for the first primer coat.


lower yoke is finished (thanks for the welding Tomo!) and both yokes are on the bike.


got the jig done for building the girder legs. got the front parts of the leg and pivot shaft clamped in and spot welded.


drew out a guide for the rear portion of the girder legs.


and last, i got the handle for my jockey shift arm finished.


now i will be back at work, so i will only have some weekend and evening hours to work on the bike, but i hope to finish it by the end of October. let's see what happens.


Day 87

the vacation is almost over. i'm racing to get done all i can before i go back to work.


i got the top yoke finished. Tomo finish welded the yoke for me. he is just an amazing welder.


and started making a kicker arm. i cut a block of steel, drilled 4 small holes for the corners, then drilled the center out as close to the final size of the square as possible, then filed it until it was square and fit on the shaft on the transmission.


finished my rear brake rod.


and the next day i drilled and threaded the block for the kick arm, cut a slot in it, and welded it to the upper portion that i had made previously.


also got the paint on my transmission stripped and the ear for the bearing support cut off so i can use it for my knucklehead.