Saturday, September 25, 2010

BGK Drag Bike

Tomo just recently finished this drag bike for the drag race meeting in Sendai, Japan last weekend. it sounds super cool, and is quite fast. it was pinstriped by Sugisack Studios, and i even got to make a few small parts for it. fun!!!

先週トモさんは仙台のドラッグミーチングで出る為にこのドラッグバイクを作りました。音はすごくいいで、かなり早いです。ピンストライプは Sugisack Studios です。私もいくつかの小さい部品を作りました。楽しい!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 74

didn't get a lot done last week since my daughter was sick. i did finish most of the parts for the girder, and make a jig to help fab the links. if all goes well, i may be able to finish the girder this week. after that, about the only thing left is paint.


most of the parts for the girder.


jig for the links (i'm making tubular style links).


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 67

recently i made a little more progress on the girder.


got the pivot shafts turned on the lathe and also the neck stem.


the finish on the outside is not as nice as i would like, but it'll clean up easy enough after they get welded into place.


also got my exhaust pipes fabbed. they came together a lot faster and easier than i expected.


im pretty pleased with how they turned out. they hug the frame nice and tight.


almost got the foundry ready too.


added some 2.6 mm wire in a double # pattern at 2 different heights to support the foundry cement in the lid.

蓋に入る耐火セメントを強めする為に、2.6 mmのワイヤーを2つの高さで、「#」のパッターンで付けた。

and cut a 1 inch hole in the side of the bucket with a hole saw at an angle. just a little more and we should be melting some stuff!