Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 62

i haven't posted anything for a while, but i've been busy in my backyard and Tomo's garage. i can't believe 62 days have already passed. time sure flies. well, here's some more stuff i've gotten done. i've actually gotten more done, but this is all i've taken photos of.


i got the top yoke cut to rough shape on the band saw. next is making it pretty.


i also got started on my kicker arm. it doesn't look like much right now, but i think it'll turn out well.


i got my dual SU carbs cleaned and rebuilt. wow, were they really dirty!!! had some parts missing too.


and here they are all rebuilt and ready to run. i don't mind naturally aged metal, everything doesn't need to be all shiny for me, but i'm not really into the "rat bike" thing either. i want to say that the SU rebuild kit was really impressive too. it was expensive, but for all they include in the kit it was well worth it.



Here's the beginning of a foundry that i'm building to melt some brass. "Why?" you ask? Just stay tuned and find out - if it works out, that is.

これは真ちゅうを溶かすための鋳造機の作り初めです。「なぜ?」と思いませんか?もうちょっとで見せてあげますよ - うまく出来たら。

first i cut the top and bottom off an empty can that mushrooms came in. then i cut it open vertically. next, i cut a 2 inch circle out of the top of the lid from a 5 gallon can of transmission fluid.


then i marked the horizontal center of the mushroom can...


and cut it in half horizontally. next i wrapped a piece of 2 inch PVC pipe with a piece of cardboard and taped it into the hole i cut in the lid of the transmission can.


then i screwed the pieces of mushroom can onto the lid.


and cut in half the bottom of the mushroom can that i cut off earlier. we mustn't waste!


and screwed them onto the lid too. more to come...


Monday, August 16, 2010

Psycho Rally

i was invited to attend the first ever Psycho Rally at Lake Saiko, in Yamanashi Japan this past Saturday. even though this was the first year for the rally, there were about 80 people who showed up. i had a great time and got to meet a lot of friendly folks. awesome event!!!

この前の土曜日に山梨県の西湖で私は一回目のPsycho Rallyに出席するよう誘われました。今年はこのラリーの最初ですが、80人以上来ました。すごく楽しい時間を過ごしました。そして、多くの優しい人と交流できて、本当に嬉しかったです。本当に最高でした!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 42

had a really fun day today. since i finished the fab work on the oil tank, i was finally able to get back to work on a girder for my bike and also one for Tomo. i had previously made the bottom yoke for us both, and today i got the holes reamed in the top yokes, and the channel cut for the pivot shaft. now all i have to do is cut the yokes to shape and move on to the next part which will probably be the pivot shafts.


lower yoke for the girder that i made a while back.


how i spent most of my day.


my top yoke. Tomo is going with a different design.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 41

I bet you folks thought i had just given up, huh? nope. i had to work last week, but i still made a bit of progress. i'm not moving as fast as i would like to, but i'm real happy with what i've done so far.


got the first coat of bondo on the rear fender...


and sanded it off.


my buddy Tomo from Bike Garage Kokoro, giving me pointers about how to make the steel rings i made nice and round. thanks Tomo!

私の友達 (バイクガレージ心のトモさん)はどうやって丸棒で作ったリングを奇麗にするかのポイントを教えっているところです。有り難うトモさん!

got the rings welded onto the tank.


bungs, anyone?


and now we have a complete oil tank. well, actually i still have to test it for leaks and do the filler work, but...


and i fabricated the upper mounting plate for the oil tank, and got it welding in place too. i'm not running a battery, so it was really simple.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 31

So here is my progress from the last few days. i'm really having a blast making my own parts. of course, i could buy a bunch of parts from a catalog, put them on, and be riding a lot sooner, but for me the best feeling is to ride a bike that i built myself, with my hands. this is the bike that i have dreamed of for so long and i intend to keep it and ride it for as long as i possibly can. i'm trying to show it the respect it deserves.


I finished cutting the bushings for my clutch pedal and rear brake pedal out of brass. i know it may be a bit overkill to go to so much trouble for the pedals, but i want them to last a long time. this is my little mini lathe i have in the shed behind my house. i try to make sure i have plenty of stuff to make at home when i can't be at Tomo's place.


i got the fabrication part of the rear fender all finished up. i loved the basic shape of the fender, and added some round bar around it to accent that. all it needs now is some body filler, primer and paint.


i got started on the oil tank by taking two fire extinguishers that i got for free...


cut off some of the end, taped off the portion i needed...


cut them off with my handy dandy grinder...


and then spent a few hours sanding the powdercoat off them. it's amazing how strong that stuff really is. now i'm ready to do some welding.