Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 41

I bet you folks thought i had just given up, huh? nope. i had to work last week, but i still made a bit of progress. i'm not moving as fast as i would like to, but i'm real happy with what i've done so far.


got the first coat of bondo on the rear fender...


and sanded it off.


my buddy Tomo from Bike Garage Kokoro, giving me pointers about how to make the steel rings i made nice and round. thanks Tomo!

私の友達 (バイクガレージ心のトモさん)はどうやって丸棒で作ったリングを奇麗にするかのポイントを教えっているところです。有り難うトモさん!

got the rings welded onto the tank.


bungs, anyone?


and now we have a complete oil tank. well, actually i still have to test it for leaks and do the filler work, but...


and i fabricated the upper mounting plate for the oil tank, and got it welding in place too. i'm not running a battery, so it was really simple.


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  1. real cool oiltank, I like it very much to see things being build from scratch