Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 67

recently i made a little more progress on the girder.


got the pivot shafts turned on the lathe and also the neck stem.


the finish on the outside is not as nice as i would like, but it'll clean up easy enough after they get welded into place.


also got my exhaust pipes fabbed. they came together a lot faster and easier than i expected.


im pretty pleased with how they turned out. they hug the frame nice and tight.


almost got the foundry ready too.


added some 2.6 mm wire in a double # pattern at 2 different heights to support the foundry cement in the lid.

蓋に入る耐火セメントを強めする為に、2.6 mmのワイヤーを2つの高さで、「#」のパッターンで付けた。

and cut a 1 inch hole in the side of the bucket with a hole saw at an angle. just a little more and we should be melting some stuff!


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